Stain remover

Carpet and furniture cleaning, great for car seats.

You only need a product to cleanse. pH. 6.5

BioGuard Stain Remover can be safely used on all types of fabrics. Also, wool, silk, leather and Persian carpets.

Also used for untreated wood and syrebeisede table tops, and removes stains such as for water, wine and coffee.

This product can not bleach or touch the color.

You do not have to try the product on an inconspicuous place.

It leaves no stains on the clean surface stains on the secondsurface is removed easily by that one cause of water. The utility is low foaming, manage the color and softens the fibers.

Removes: coffee, grease, blood, ink, ballpoint pen, olive oil, urine, vomit, cream, dog and cat odor, red wine, cola, ketchup, oil, fruit juices, shoe polish, stearic and much more.

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BioGuard Environmental Products is your Norwegian manufacturer of natural cleaning and decontamination agents.

We supply products to the professional cleaners and private.

All products manufactured by the plant juices from different parts of the world. Split correctly gives plantesaftene very effective and harmless detergents - harmless to nature and harmless to you, but very effective.

BioGuard dishes focusing on those who daily use of detergents. You should be assured that products from BioGuard does not cause health problems in the short or long term.

Most of our products have a pH. value from 6.5 to 8. Pure water is pH. 7